Grade 2
3rd Quarter
January 24th – March 27th



This quarter your child learned about Exploring Informational Text, how to Summarize/Synthesize text, how to Ask and Answer Questions from a text and how to Determine Text Importance.

  • We can… I can… identify Informational text & its features.
  • We can…use write a summary of a story or book.
  • We can…ask & answer questions.
  • We can…determine if a portion of text is important or not.

This quarter your child learned about Research Writing

  • We can…prewrite ideas & information for Research.
  • We can…write a draft for a Research document.
  • We can… revise and edit our Research document.
  • We can…write in complete sentences, paragraphs and Research document features.

This quarter your child learned about Patterns, Skip Counting, Even & Odd numbers, 2-digit Addition & Subtraction, Story Problems- Compare, Telling Time, Probability, Data Analysis, Counting & collecting coins to $1.00, Place Value, +/- 10 & +/- 100 to 999, Compare & order numbers using symbols to 999, Round 2-digit numbers to nearest ten, Sums & differences w/ 2-digit numbers, Story problems – Single & two step, Equalities & Inequalities.

  • We can…use patterns, skip count, identify Even & Odd #’, tell time.
  • We can…round and estimate sums and differences with 2-digit #’s.
  • We can…compare & order #’s, use data analysis & probability.
  • We can…write and solve create story problems, collect coins to $1.00.

This quarter your child learned about how matter has mass and takes up space, Animal Habitats and Plants as a Natural Resource.

  • We understand…how heating and cooling can change the phases of matter.
  • We understand…how an animals habitat provides all of its basic needs & habitats change over time due to many influences.
  • We understand…how wind & weather can change the land.
  • We understand…how the availability of plant products affects the development of a geographic area, how plants provide oxygen, homes & food for many animals; & how plants can help reduce the impact of wind & water.
Social Studies  

This quarter your child learned about how to use geography and mapping skills & Innovations in Communication and Transportation

  • We can…read and locate information and features (like continents, rivers and mountain ranges) on a map or globe.
  • We can…tell you how technology, over time, has helped us progress.