Kindergarten Where the Adventure Begins!

What can I do to get ready for school on September 8th!

*Log into your office 365 account.
*Take a look at Canvas.
*Go to Zoom and make sure your account is working.
*Get your school supplies organized and ready to use.

Blocks K.png

Daily Schedule

 Office Hours
9:15-10:00  Language Arts-Zoom live
10:00-10:40  Small Groups-Zoom live/Independent work
10:40-12:00  Lunch/Recess
12:00-12:30  Math-Zoom live
12:30-2:10  Small Groups-Zoom live/Independent work
2:10-2:50  Encore
2:50-3:35  Small Groups-Zoom live/Independent work
3:35-3:40  End of Day



Cartoon Kids.png

Draw a picture of your family to share on Zoom!

Encore Schedule
Day 1  Music
Day 2  PE
Day 3  Library/Guidance
Day 4  PE
Day 5  Art