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Welcome to Mrs. Reiner's Music Class!
Happy Spring!

Rhythm Fun For K-2 (Really, This is Great for Everyone!)

Check out My Latest Video!
Recycled Rhythm with my Grandchildren

We performed "Happy Birthday" using our home made instruments.
Look for the video at the bottom of the list on the left.

Bangers, Shakers and Scrapers:
Recycled Rhythm
It's listed in the box on the left
Here's a hint of what you'll see.

Plastic buckets of different sizes
Plastic bottles of different sizes

Learn to Read The Notes on the Treble Clef Staff 
Watch the Music K8 video
"Every Good Boy Does Fine"

Screen shot of a portion of the video "Every Good Boy Does Fine."

Now Practice Your New Skill Reading Notes on the Staff!

picture of a hand with fingers spread.  The thumb is labeled "E," the index finger is G, the middle finger is B, the ring finger is D and the pinkie is F.  The space between the thumb and the index finger is F, and the rest of the spaces between the fingers are labeled A, C, E.  the thumb is pointing down and the little finger is near the top of the picture.

1.  Study the picture of the "hand staff." 

2.  Compare the hand staff with the five lines and four spaces of the musical staff.
3.  Practice by playing the Note Name Games on this website:

rhythm flip chart showing four quarter notes

Welcome 3rd, 4th and 5th Graders
Mrs. Reiner's Virtual Music Classroom is Open!

Rhythm Flip Chart Lesson 1

This Lesson can be found in Flipgrid.  It's the first video I made for remote teaching back in April.  Now I have 2 topics on my Grid.
The first topic that will appear when you click on the link below is "Does Music Help You Think?"
Check it out and create a video response.

The other topic is my video showing how to make a rhythm flip chart to learn about quarter notes, eighth notes, 16th notes and quarter rests. 

Try this:
Sign in with your school email on a computer
download the FlipGrid app on a phone or tablet
Please let me know how it goes!
Here are some pictures of what the project looks like

4 16th notes, 4 eighth notes and a quarter note

Rhythm Chart showing a quarter note, 2 eighth notes, quarter note, quarter rest

Rhythm Flip Chart Lesson 2
Check out my next video in the box on the top left of this page
Hershey Chocolate Rhythm Flip Chart
There is a short delay about halfway through.
Please be patient and when the video seems to stop, just wait-
it will continue!

Hershey Chocolate Bar teaches Rhythm and Fractions

You'll Love It!!!!

Lesson 3
Flip Chart Rhythm Lesson with Chalk and Basketballs
Find it in the box on the left at the top of this page

The boys and girl in the video are brother and sister all living in the same house.  They play outside with the older boy everyday.  We respected health concerns and did not touch or use each others equipment.

K-2 Music Games and Stories

Play a Game/Song with body percussion (clapping, snapping and patting)
Bim Bum

a video of a song with two birds demonstrating the body percussion for the rhythm patterns in the song

Here are some fun books to read from a cool website

Unite For Literacy-many fun books online to read for free!  Listen and read along in English, Spanish and many other languages.
Read along while you listen: Musical Families
Click on the sound icon and turn the pages by clicking the triangle at the edge of the page.

Two children holding music instruments

Read along while you listen: Peanut Butter and Jelly

the cover of the book shows peanuts and strawberries

Kindergarten and First Grade

There are two videos for you watch and sing along in the box on the left at the top of this page:
Tall, Tall Tree
My Body/ Mi Cuerpo

First Graders will remember these songs from last year and have fun doing them again!
Or have fun watching me do them all alone in my basement!  Good for a laugh!


Test Your Star-Spangled Knowledge

Chose a phrase from the lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner as a caption for the pictures below:

Lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner

Lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner slide 2

Photo #1
What phrase from the song do these photos illustrate?
Send your response to
There can be more than one correct answer!

Image of the American flag in the clouds at sunset

A photo of a sunset

4 eighth notes, a quarter note and a quarter rest
4 eighth notes, 2 quarter notes

1 half note, 2 quarter notes