Prince William County Home Learning Page.  Here you will find more links, optional schedules, and other ideas for you and your child!

Online Resources (Parents: CLICK ON THE LINKS AT YOUR OWN RISK)
Scholastic Learn At Home  
Khan Academy
RAZ Kids
Story Online (Books read by celebrities) 
National Geographic Kids
Turtle Diary
History for Kids
ABC Mouse - There is a free 30 day trial!
Magic Tree House
Bedtime Math  
Steve Spangler Science

Epic!  - I have added your child to my list.  You will need to email me ( so I can send you the code.  It has a lot of great books on the page and it is free until June 30, 2020.  

Splash Learn - I have also added your child to the list on this site.  Please email me so I can send you the code!