2nd Grade Virtual Schoolhouse Summer Recommendations

Playground 2

Language Arts

·        Continue independent reading daily at kidsa-z.com; you have online access all summer long

·        Check out the Sudley Library Summer reading page throughout the summer for new books and activities


·      Practice an important skill every day such as:

  • counting various coins up to at least $2.00, adding and subtracting double-digit numbers, identifying 10 or 100 more or less starting at a random number, writing out numbers in word form (125 is one hundred twenty-five),  reading and writing the date, telling time on a clock with hands, ordering three-digit numbers from greatest to least and vice versa, creating and finding patterns, and rounding to the nearest ten (432 rounded to the nearest ten is 430)

·        Visit the National Library of VirtualManipulatives (use Internet  Explorer, not Chrome)

  • use the online manipulatives to practice skills above with virtual base ten blocks, hundred charts, number lines, clocks, money, place value chart

·        Play video-style games on Coolmath4kids to practice basic skills 

Social Studies/Science

·        Watch online videos and learn more on a variety of science and social studies topics

                  PBS Learning Media

            National Geographic for Kids   

            Smithsonian Fun Stuff for Kids and Teens   


·        Enjoy live animals via the Smithsonian Webcam  

·        Visit Wonderopolis to see interesting “wonderings” asked and answered daily

·        Continue to research and learn more on Pebble-Go

Do you have a Prince William County Library Card?
If you have one, you can use it over the summer to get more books to read. Work with an adult and visit the 
Sudley Library Summer Reading page for directions on how to get a card. 
Do you have Sudley Elementary Library books?
If yes, put them in a safe place until you receive more information on how you can return them safely. If you need a reminder on what you checked out, email Mrs. Lunsford for a list of your library books.