Welcome Students to Sudley Elementary.  I am so happy to see you!  I have been teaching art at the elementary level for over 20 years.  I am happy to continue my passion with you all. 

Welcome to Ms. Patterson's Art Classes!

Hello awesome Roadrunner artists!  I just wanted to share with you some drawing activities you are able to do at home without me. 

Art Activity Bingo Card

How many spaces can you mark off?

Bingo board

Draw a self- portrait while looking in a mirror but do not look down at the paper!

Draw your favorite room in your home with as much detail as possible.

Create a comic strip about a kid with a secret super power.

Fill your paper with as many drawings of a duck as you possible can.

Grab your favorite shoes and draw them with your non- dominate hand.

Create a composition with your favorite dinner.

Have someone describe an animal to you without telling you the name, then draw their description.

Create a floorplan for your dream treehouse.

Design an outfit for a celebrity walking the red carpet.

Draw a prehistoric dinosaur in a modern setting.

Go outside and create an image from found objects like grass, leaves, and sticks.

Come up with an idea for a new game and design the board.

Draw a bowl of alphabet soup. Have the letters spell out a word that is meaningful to you.

Design the most fantastic and fun waterpark you can imagine!

Have another person draw a simple shape on your paper. Turn that shape into a complicated drawing!

Make a list of all the art in your home. Don’t forget art doesn’t have to be a painting or drawing!

Draw a super sundae with at least 3 flavors of ice cream. Write a description of each flavor.

Research a famous artist and list 5 facts you learned.

Draw Ms. Patterson wearing a sneaky disguise.

Draw a sandwich with as many wacky ingredients as you can!