Sudley Elementary Counseling Welcome 

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!  The Counseling Department is thrilled to have you as a part of the Sudley Elementary family.  Please stop by and visit our Counseling Department Team located in rooms 137 & 138, between the main office and copy room.  We look forward to meeting all of you and having an awesome school year!

To contact the school counselors please call 703-361-3444 or email:

Ms. Phillips:
Mrs. Keller:  

Meet The School Counselors

Ms. Phillips
Mrs. Phillips

I've had the pleasure of being a full-time school counselor at Sudley Elementary School for eleven years.  I received my Masters in Counselor Education from Virginia Commonwealth University.  I believe every child has a hidden talent waiting to be discovered.   

I'm looking forward to another amazing year at Sudley Elementary!

Mrs. Keller

Mrs. Keller

Let me start by saying how EXCITED I am to be part of the SUDLEY FAMILY!  I will be at Sudley Elementary full-time this year.  I have the honor to work with Ms. Phillips, who is also a full-time School Counselor at Sudley Elementary.  As a School Counselor, my role is primarily, classroom lesson plans, group counseling, individual counseling, student and family support. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Child Development/Education and my master’s degree in School Counseling/Psychology.  I love working with teachers, parents, and the community; to build a better foundation for our young students. I like the color Red! I like to play Softball/Baseball! I love the Beach!

Here’s to an amazing school year! 

Mrs. Keller 

Monica S. Ng
School Psychologist 

Ms. Ng
Monica S. Ng
School Psychologist

Office Hour During School Closure: Tuesdays 10 am - 11 am

School Counseling Vision
"Empowering all to achieve in academics, careers, and personal/social development."

Mission Statement

The school counseling department seeks to empower each student to reach his or her highest potential.  A safe and caring learning environment is emphasized while fostering the development of relationships and mutual respect within the school community.
School Counseling Beliefs Statement

The professional school counselors believe and will:
  • Each student can reach his or her fullest potential with guidance and support.
  • Each student is a valuable and respected asset of the school community.
  • Each student shall have access to a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate counseling program that addresses his or her academic, career, and personal/social needs. 
  • Actively address the needs of all students.
  • Regularly assess the effectiveness of the counseling program and make changes when needed.
  • Collaborate with staff, families, and community stakeholders to enhance student success.
  • Abide by ethical standards set forth by the American School Counselor Association.
  • Regularly seek professional development opportunities to enhance knowledge and competency.
American School Counselor Association.(2003). “The ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs.” Alexandria, VA.


Classroom Guidance Lessons
School counselors have completed the following classroom lessons with each grade.  The lesson topics and dates are listed below by grade level.  Here are some links to resources that will support student learning on these topics.  



Learning About Self

U.S. Department of Education

Career VIEW- http://https//

Kindergarten and First Grade
1. Self-control (Oct. 24-Nov. 25)
2. Good and Bad Touches (Feb. 18-Mar. 13)
3. Medicine Safety (Feb. 18-Mar. 13)
4. Hygiene (Feb. 18-Mar. 13)
5. Bullying (Feb. 18-Mar.13)

Second and Third Grade
1. Learning about Self (Sept. 25- Oct. 23)
2. Self-esteem (Sept. 25-Oct. 23)
3. Self-control (Sept. 25- Oct. 23)
4. Bullying (Jan. 16-Feb.14)
5. Good and Bad Touches (Jan. 16-Feb. 14)
6. Substance Abuse Prevention (Jan. 16-Feb. 14)

Fourth and Fifth Grade
1. Learn About Self (Aug. 26-Sept. 3)
2. Self-control (Aug. 26-Sept. 3)
3. Self-esteem (Aug. 26-Sept. 3)
4. Peer Pressure (Dec. 2-Jan. 31)
5. Bullying (Dec. 2-Jan. 31)