This school year, our county adopted a new math textbook and program (Origo Education).  This link provides the entire 3rd grade math curriculum covered through this math program.  Students can find a variety of activities and games to review and extend our learning.
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To the left of the main SOLPass webpage, click Released SOL Tests
Grade 3 Math - IMPORTANT.. Choose PDF (printable) versions for free practice

Prince William County Public Schools - Clever | Log › pwcs
Use Clever to access  Math, Science and Reading practice.  Students need to sign in with their school email and password.  Please email me if you child does not know their email or password. 

IXL: language arts and math review activities

Sheppard Software Review Games: a review game website

Flocabulary: songs to help students to remember all content areas

BrainPop and BrainPop Jr.: videos for students to learn about different topics

Learn to Code: a place for students to learn how to code

ABCya! Review Games: games for students to practice their math and reading skills

Interactive Math Games: games and activities for students to play to increase their math knowledge