chick hatching from shellDay 0

Dear Students,

Thank you to generous donors and a bit of funding from the school budget, we have 7 new incubators at Sudley! Follow along here to see most of the news about our hatch. You also have access to many resources in the Library Canvas course. This page is mostly for your grownups and our community. Are you ready for adventure? Let's get some eggs and get started!

Love, Ms. Vibbert

question about chickenToday's Q & A



Questions can be emailed to Ms. Vibbert or posted in Canvas on students' Library course.


Science and Activities

You can make an Egg Development Wheel to keep track of the rest of the chick's progress as it grows inside its shell.

You can color the wheel, cut out the pieces and use a paper fastener to keep the wheel together. You might need help from a grownup with some of the detailed cutting.

Livestream and Video

Today's video

Livestream Link Coming Soon
Students and Staff will need to use their logins to access the live videos. The livestream feed will not run too much for the next two weeks because incubation is very boring. But beginning on March 19th we will try to run the livestream feed as often as possible to capture the hatching experience.

The Numbers

144 eggs.
9 incubators.
Set in incubators on March 2nd
Predicted to hatch on March 22nd-24th

Incubator Eggs Set in Incubator
Looking Good
Removed from Incubator
Mrs. Galván's Eggs
Mrs. Huntington's Eggs
Mrs. Asplund's Eggs
Ms. Ramirez's Eggs
Mrs. Halsey's Eggs
Mrs. Keenley's Eggs
Mrs. Perkins's Eggs
Ms. Rivard's Eggs
Ms. Vibbert's Eggs